Laying the Foundation for Critical Thinking in Math

“Environments rich in mathematical opportunities for children are essential if we want our children to develop a thorough understanding of mathematics.”  -Laney Sammons Evidence has shown that our nation has been struggling with mathematical literacy.  We have many children who just don’t “get it” and it is time to make a change in the instructional …Continue reading

Bagging It

“Into the brown paper bag of my heart, he slipped a smile.”  – David James Duncan Ready to slip a smile on the faces of your students during these last few days of school?  Try constructing paper bag challenges.  Exciting engineering projects can be created with simple materials like tape, paper, and string placed inside …Continue reading

Moving Our Thinking Along

  Sometimes it’s called the Socratic Method.  Sometimes it’s called Higher Order Thinking Skills.  And sometimes it’s called Thinking.  Regardless of the name it requires the ability to analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and create in order to make logical and rational decisions.  The question is how do we help them achieve this level of thought.  How …Continue reading

Nurturing the “Cognitive Enterprise” of Reading

Reading has been called a “cognitive enterprise” and it happens as a result of the connection between the reader and the text. – What do I visualize?  What connections can I make?  Does this make sense? – Successful readers monitor their reading, use strategies for understanding, and evaluate their efforts.  To comprehend a text, a reader …Continue reading

Let’s Think About It

How many times a day do you think about how you process information?  If you’re like the majority of people, the answer is rarely.  However, every time we make a decision or learn new information we are thinking about our own thinking.  This is known as metacognition, and metacognitive strategies are what we use to …Continue reading