The Release Teaches

From the desk of Alice… It’s graduation season which always makes me reflective.  This year my oldest child graduates high school and one of my nieces graduated college recently so I am currently immersed in conversations about announcements, ceremonies and celebrations.   And please bear with me…in honor of Mother’s Day, I am going to wear …Continue reading

Give Them a Purpose

My youngest child has developed a love for horses.  This love has grown exponentially over the last few years and honestly, as a busy mom, I have provided the minimum amount of support for this hobby.  Despite this, I am becoming a barn mom.  Because she is young and inexperienced, I have stayed at the …Continue reading

Math At Home

Reading opportunities exist almost everywhere we turn.  The same is true for math.  Some may seem obvious while others are more subtle.  Once you begin to see these teachable moments, you can easily take advantage of them.  Here are some of our favorite and fun math activities. Board and Card Games– Many games give children …Continue reading