Give Them a Purpose

My youngest child has developed a love for horses.  This love has grown exponentially over the last few years and honestly, as a busy mom, I have provided the minimum amount of support for this hobby.  Despite this, I am becoming a barn mom.  Because she is young and inexperienced, I have stayed at the …Continue reading

Turning the Table

“I’ve taught you everything I am to teach you this year.  I’ve taught you new content and strategies to use to understand that content.  Now it’s time for you to choose what you would like to learn more about and use what I’ve taught you this year.” How does this sound to you?  Interested?  Here’s …Continue reading

Feedback – The Language of Growth

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”  – Ken Blanchard Years of research show that feedback is one of the most powerful influences on achievement.  Daily we strive to provide quality feedback to our students, but we also must take the time to provide quality feedback to our colleagues.  Feedback is the language of growth.  It is …Continue reading

New Avenues to Better Teaching

This month ERG has focused on Instructional Leadership and Peer Coaching.  In one of our recent newsletters it was noted that ” Leadership in education is about learning – and not just the empowerment of student learning.  As instructional leaders, teachers assume a wide range of roles to support the learning needs of students – …Continue reading