Turning the Table

“I’ve taught you everything I am to teach you this year.  I’ve taught you new content and strategies to use to understand that content.  Now it’s time for you to choose what you would like to learn more about and use what I’ve taught you this year.” How does this sound to you?  Interested?  Here’s …Continue reading

Math Stretches

Runners stretch before a race, so that their muscles are warm and ready to perform at optimum levels.  Just like those athletes, our students need to warm-up to get their brains focused and ready for quality thinking and learning.  Math Warm-ups are an important component of Laney Sammons’ Guided Math framework. When we give our …Continue reading

Mindful and Meaningful

From the desk of Leigh Ann . . . All week I worked with a student on being “mindful” about his words and actions.  I had encouraged him to stop and truly focus before completing a task, answering a question, or reacting to a classmate.  Then I was challenged to take an “Awareness Test” and …Continue reading