Math Picture Walks

During guided reading sessions, we work to stimulate the curiosity of our students by going through a “picture walk.”  Even before we open a book, we show the children the cover, read the title, and ask them what they think the text might be about based on what they see.  We work to pique their …Continue reading

Visualizing for Math Comprehension

“Just as proficient readers use visualization to make meaning as they read, proficient mathematicians employ visualization as they work to understand concepts and solve problems.”  – Laney Sammons In Building Mathematical Comprehension, Laney Sammons points out the important relationship between visualization and cognition.  Our growing mathematicians need to be aware of the role that visualizing plays in helping …Continue reading

Promoting Questions through Math Stretches

Have you ever watched runners stretching before a big race?  They are preparing their bodies, warming up their muscles, so they will perform at optimum levels.  Just like those runners, our students need to warm-up to get their brains focused and ready for quality thinking and learning.  Math Warm-ups are an important component of Laney …Continue reading

Math Question Journals

“Questioning and learning are intricately linked.”  – Laney Sammons We want our students to think, reflect, and ask questions to extend their thinking.  This process helps young learners take more responsibility for their work and learning outcomes.  By asking questions, they are able to refine what they know and fill in the gaps that are …Continue reading

Asking Meaningful Questions

“If we teach our students to inquire, we will have a wealth of information from which to teach and our students will have a purpose for learning.”  – Cris Tovani Centuries ago Socrates told his students that “wonder is the beginning of wisdom.”  Today we find ourselves in a culture that seems to value the …Continue reading

Thick and Thin Questions

“Sometimes questions are more important than answers.”  – Nancy Willard (American poet and writer) Learning is fueled by curiosity, so how do we inspire mathematical curiosity in our students?  The classroom atmosphere we create can either stimulate or stifle the inquisitiveness of our young learners.  If we teach our developing mathematicians to inquire and question …Continue reading

Strategic Questions

“Teaching students how to generate questions as they work with mathematics encourages students to become mathematical text critics.”  – Laney Sammons In Reading with Meaning, Debbie Miller points out that questioning is a vital tool for helping readers create meaning.   Just as readers develop and refine questions to comprehend a text, our young mathematicians must use strategic questions …Continue reading

Making Meaningful Connections

“Making mental connections is our most crucial learning tool, the essence of human intelligence; to forge links; to go beyond the given; to see patterns, relationships, context.”  Marilyn Ferguson Connections are an incredible tool for learning.  Once our students see the value of making connections, they are usually ready to put them to use.  They cannot wait …Continue reading

Math Current Events

“Our students live in a world where current events swirl around them unceasingly. . .When current events are included in math instruction, students become aware of the ever-present relationship of math to the world around them.”  – Laney Sammons Teaching our children to make mathematical connections to the world around them helps them to build …Continue reading