Honing the Habit

  Happy 2017!  Happy New Year!  Happy 2017!  Happy New Year!  Happy 2017!  Happy New Year! I am psyched and ready for a wonderful year!  It’s time to embrace my great aspirations and resolve to do it all a little better.  You know – clean up my act.  I am saying this because the holidays …Continue reading

Asking For Help

“I’m never afraid to ask questions.  I figure if I have a question lots of other people have the same one.  I just have the courage to ask it.”-Robin Gallagher, middle school teacher Have you ever been sitting in a workshop where the presenter is talking about something of interest to you, and you suddenly …Continue reading

Bagging It

“Into the brown paper bag of my heart, he slipped a smile.”  – David James Duncan Ready to slip a smile on the faces of your students during these last few days of school?  Try constructing paper bag challenges.  Exciting engineering projects can be created with simple materials like tape, paper, and string placed inside …Continue reading