1. What exactly is embedded staff development?

Job embedded staff development takes place within the school day- no substitutes needed. We demonstrate lessons, processes and procedures live in the classroom. In addition, we observe and give one on one feedback specific related to the focus of the project.

2. What are the benefits of job embedded staff development?

Instead of one-shot deals, the client is supported across the academic year with model lessons, observations, and feedback. Teachers do not have to leave the classroom in order to increase capacity. They learn while in the process of teaching their real kids.

The combination of grade level meetings and model lessons take the place of the traditional workshop. Again, there is no need to schedule a separate time for professional development…it happens live within the school day!

3. What is the cost of services?

ERG contracts to see four-five teachers each day. This includes an observation session, a feedback session, and written feedback for each teacher. Depending on the amount of people you want in your project and the amount of visits you want, the cost of your project will vary. Call for your free consultation.

4. How many people are included in the ERG organization?

Alice Oakley and Hope Reagan founded ERG and they continue to consult with some clients. In addition to the founders, at this time, there are 25 consultants that have been trained and work with ERG on a contractual basis.

5. Does ERG provide free consultations?

Yes.  ERG believes in talking through the needs of a school and school system in order to see if it is the best match for professional development needs at no charge.  A phone call and/or personal visit are highly recommended to get the ball rolling.

6. When should I contact ERG?

As soon as possible!

We accept projects throughout the academic year.  However, we are often booked many months in advance.

For the best-case scenario, strategically plan your project in March and contact ERG in the spring to discuss your interests and needs.  In the summer months, the contracts will be written and dates will be set at schools for the upcoming academic year.

If you desire to start a project once the school year has started, we can possibly accommodate you, too!  We have consultants who are available for small projects throughout the year. Bottom line – contact us ASAP!

7. Where is ERG located?

Our home office is in the West End area of Winston-Salem, NC on 4th Street. Click here for more detailed directions.

8. How can I contact my ERG consultants?

It is best to contact our consultants directly by email or phone.  ERG consultants do not actually work in our home office on a day-to-day basis.  Most days they are working in schools. You can always leave a message at ERG and someone in our office will pass it along to the appropriate person.

9. What if I want a project that is not already listed in your repertoire?

It is possible for ERG to develop a new project focus for clients. We are developers and would be glad to hear about your needs.  Please contact us if you have an idea that is not included in our literature.