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Lilly Mae Lesson #1

From the Desk of Hope…. A Reading Lesson from my 87 Year Old Friend What a blessing and privilege it is to have a friend that is 87 years old. Lilly Mae is my mother’s former neighbor. She fell and broke her hip and is now in a rehabilitation center in Winston-Salem, about six minutes …Continue reading

Frustrated Writer #1

I just spent 45 minutes composing my thinking about the Atlanta cheating scandal and was just about ready to post.  It was a good one–I had checked names and included details, and it was really coming together.  I liked it.   I was trying to add a link to the draft and somehow I lost …Continue reading

The Lee Profile

From the desk of Hope…. While working at ERG this summer, I received a phone call from a parent who sounded nervous about calling our office. She spoke in a whisper, and her voice was shaky. The reason for the call was unclear to me for about the first five minutes of our conversation. Finally, …Continue reading

Katie’s Beach Read #1

We are at the beach this week and fortunately a lot of reading has gone on.  I have asked Katie, my rising 7th grader, to weigh in this week with one of her favorite reads from our week at the beach. She is the author of the following…. The name of one of the books …Continue reading

Don’t React-Respond

From the desk of Hope… A friend of mine recently recommended the book Quiet Strength by  Coach Tony Dungy. Coach Dungy is well-known for being the first African-American football coach to lead a team to a super bowl victory (Indianapolis Colts 2007). He is also well-known for being a great teacher. Throughout his book he …Continue reading

Reading the Baseball Game

From the desk of Hope…. My husband, Ron, and I went to a minor league baseball game last week. What a nice night it was – clear sky, 85 degrees and low humidity. Our local team, The Winston-Salem Dash, is not very good but the stadium is absolutely beautiful so we find going to the …Continue reading


While driving downtown recently, my 3.5 year old told me that the tall (Wachovia) building in downtown Winston-Salem was “following us.”  I tried to explain to him that we were the ones moving, not the building, and as we turned to get on the interstate he would see that the building was staying in the …Continue reading

Tuning in to Summer

From the Desk of Hope… It seems like  everywhere I go people (parents, grandparents, kids, teenagers, teachers etc) are eagerly talking about how happy they are that school is almost over and summer break is knocking at the door. I know in my own home, we are counting down! Summer is the time to enjoy …Continue reading