Links of Interest

New York Times:

The New York Times education section provides interesting and up-to-date articles related to schools, policies and and overall changes related to the education world.

Like to Write:

Karen Haag is a friend of ERG. This website is a resource for people passionate about helping students write well.

Like to Read:

Karen Haag is a friend of ERG. This website is a compilation of lesson plans and tips Karen wants to share. She created these ideas from playing around with the proficient reader research outlined in, Mosaic of Thought: Comprehension in Readers Workshop.


Glennon is a co-author of the book Test Talk along with Amy Greene.  ERG invited them to be a guest presenters several years ago and since that time, Glennon has started her own blog.  Her writing is an example of how people write for real reasons and we appreciate her distinct style and voice when she writes.

Two Writing Teachers:

This website is completely devoted to the teaching of writing. It was created by two writing teachers who live miles away from each other. We love their tag line: teaching kids, catching minds, 565 miles apart.

Kelly Gallagher:

For the past 22 years, Kelly Gallagher has been dedicated to building and sharing his knowledge of literacy. Kelly currently teaches high school as well as travels nationally providing staff development. We love his book, Readicide.

The Two Sisters:

Gail Boushery and Joan Moser are sisters in real life. Their very popular book, The Daily Five is simple to understand and easy to apply in the classroom. The Daily Cafe is a companion website for those who are using ideas in The Daily Five.

Literacy Head:

This is a bi-weekly online magazine for connecting literacy and the visual arts. Educators can find lessons and resources for teaching reading, writing and thinking. This website offers so many ideas for working with fabulous picture story books.