Areas of Expertise

Research shows that teachers are the single most important factor in raising student achievement. ERG uses modern and innovative staff development to sharpen teacher skills. By strategically planning a long term project with schools, ERG is able to embed content across the project so it can not only be understood, but applied in classrooms.

ERG is dedicated to modern and innovative staff development that focuses on the job-embedded coaching process. No substitutes are needed! Continuing our tradition of support, we have designed topics for schools and districts to help with state standards.

In order to be productive and measurable, all projects have a specific focus.  The following list includes possibilities:

New Teacher Support Services

  • This service is designed to support the new teacher!
  • Coaching sessions address classroom management, time management, content knowledge and instructional delivery.
  • Participants will get model lessons, planning support and observations in the areas listed above!

Math Services

Literacy K-8 Services

Specific Support for High School

  • Small Collaborative Groups (ELA and Content Area)
  • Bridging the Comprehension Gap
  • Content Literacy including constructed response work

*Education Resource Group develops and customizes workshops in reading, writing, math and more based on the specific needs of a school or school system!